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Goals of WCIES


Goals of WCIES

The Warsaw Centre for Socio-Educational Innovation and Training (WCIES) is a self-government teacher development facility – an institution providing knowledge and education, whose tasks perfectly illustrate the motto “Warsaw – the City of Education”. The Centre was established on 10 July 2008 by a resolution of the Warsaw City Council, upon the initiative of the Education Section of the Warsaw Municipal Office, and it started its operations on 1 September 2008. WCIES collaborates closely with the Education Section, and the supervision over the facility in terms of education is exercised by the Chief Education Officer for the Mazovia Province.

The Centre is situated at ul. Hoża 88 in Warsaw. The main objectives of the Centre include supporting the Warsaw educational environment and improving the quality of work of schools and educational facilities in the City of Warsaw through:

  • performing tasks resulting from the educational policy of the City of Warsaw;
  • organising and providing teaching counselling and educational supervision over the counsels;
  • supporting teachers and heads of schools and educational facilities in their professional development and various roles in the educational system;
  •  introducing systemic educational solutions (projects, training courses, conferences, seminars);
  •  promoting social and educational innovations;
  •  preparing training courses and organising various forms of skill-sharing;
  •  initiating various forms of work in schools and educational facilities;
  •  developing, propagating and collecting educational information for teachers;
  •  initiating and fostering international collaboration in the field of education;
  •  socialising the education in Warsaw through enhancing the parents’ and students’ impact on the functioning of the school;
  •  individual teacher consulting.

Goals of WCIES

Ability to network and communicate with Schools in Warsaw

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